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Friday, June 20, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 169

My poor rat... she has a lemon sized tumor in her abdomen. I have to decide whether or not to invest upwards of $6-700 in removing it. Hamster is almost 3 years old which, in rat years is like 70. It's incredibly sad to see her so incapacitated.

I don't know how many times today I've heard, oh, it's just a rat. Hamster is a living being, she has feelings and loves cheese...especially whole milk fresh mozzarella. I'm considering paying for the operation but it's risky because of the anesthesia. Doctors are never too sure of how much anesthesia to give "pocket pets" and it's not uncommon for them to die in surgery.

Hamster's my little buddy; she started out as a really surly little thing. We'd have to force her out of the cage. Hamster is just a great pet. She totally deserves the 6 months or year that she would have had left. With the tumor growing the way it is, she probably wouldn't make it 6 months, and it would be a miserable 6 months... for both of us.

I feel like I owe her the surgery, especially because today when I opened her cage and was preparing her slice of cheese she got excited and toppled over the side of her cage and onto the floor. It was at least a two foot drop with a 5 oz mass in her bottom half. I felt terrible for her.

So because I felt like crap I took a ride with my brother for Chinese food and ate like a fatty. One day out of the week is not so bad.

Breakfast: black coffee 5 cal, 1/2 multigrain bagel and 1/2 serving of light cream cheese 250 cal
Lunch: mac and cheese 250 cal, grilled chicken 120 cal, whole wheat toast 130 cal
Snack: mozz cheese slice 100 cal and tootsie pop 60 cal
EXERCISE: 60 minutes taekwondo +450
Dinner: 1/2 coca cola 100 cal, 1 cup gen tso chicken 650 cal, chicken 600 cal egg roll 240 cal


ClarityIsAll said...

I can think of a worse investment to make than one in life, hope and companionship.
Looking back at today from six months in the future, which decision will you wish you made?
(and how much will the money really mean?)

daniel_gasparino said...

i'm so sorry. i had a rat who got a tumor just like that. It was horrible to watch. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. She made my mom like rats :)

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