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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 197

(he's really quite tired)

So, I have been logging my daily food journal into my account at Calorie Count Plus, a great website if you're counting calories and you're like me, incapable of consistently handwriting my food journal in one place (I have dozens of journals that document years and years of my manic diet starts and stops). The only place I am confidant that I will end up is my desk chair, at my computer. So, it works well for me. It is also, free; which, I enjoy. I will reserve my blog for priceless pearls of wisdom.

I seem to be out of pearls of wisdom for today. I have vowed to spend three hours a day (for my entire vacation) at my taekwondo school... moving my fat ass.

I do have an excellent update. I captured my escaped, indoor-cat who was hard at work mapping the subterranean tunnels under my neighbors' porches. Laughing in the face of trespassing laws and privacy etiquette, I could be found at 2:00 a.m with my ass hanging out from under my neighbors' stairs and my hair catching all manner of spider webs; not one of my most glamorous moments. Luckily, everyone was asleep; I didn't want to have to explain myself. Eventually, I dragged Bruce out by the scruff of his neck and hauled him, scratching and spitting, up the stairs. I got a nasty little gash on my arm from his back claws which I am happy to report, work just fine. Despite his initial protests, Bruce is thrilled to be home. Whenever I am around he is sprawled nearby, mewing. He's been obnoxiously vocal.

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jonathan said...

Welcome home Bruce!

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