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Friday, July 18, 2008

Fat Blog- DAY 200

Day 200!!!!! I am, hold on to your knickers, 8 pounds lighter. That is more than a bag and a half of sugar less of me. I should have lost more but, alas, I still eat like a cow... so I am lucky I'm not bigger. I ate like a cow tonight. A cow that gets made fun of by all the skinnier, healthy cows.

I'd like to share that I spent all day trying to come up with a politically offensive F.E.M.A reference to describe my clean-up efforts. Just take comfort in knowing that no poor people or African Americans were left to drown in my apartment. I think maybe the initial panic peeled a few weeks off my life though... can't be good for the ticker.
But no one died except a 65 year old carpet.

I have spent the last 48 hours locked in epic battle with this carpet; an unfortunate victim to the mass exodus of 55 gallons of fish tank water; I guess-timate that the event took place roughly around 5:00 pm Wednesday night. I was able to remove almost all of the carpet and exposed a worn but full of potential hard wood floor.

I haven't fed the fish in a day or so... don't want to knock any other poorly installed hoses loose with my meaty fingers. I won't point fingers either... those responsible for crappy installation know who they are. I'm actually afraid to go near the tank at my current weight for fear that I will crash through wet, rotten wood and end up in the first floor apartment with a lot of explaining to do.

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