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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 207

I'm cranky. My vacation is almost over, I committed to cook today and I've been at this healthy food choices thing for over 200 days and yet I continue to make unhealthy food choices. Playing on a Chris Rock line... Nicole is only as healthy as her options. So, if there are a sleeve of skinny cow ice cream sandwiches around... beware the skinny cow ice cream sandwich eating marathon.

I feel tubby. I did roughly twenty hours of tae kwon do ( I won't count most of the time I spent corralling the beginner children if I did we'll be approaching 30ish hours in two weeks) and I still feel tubby. I've re-committed mentally to only eating when I am hungry, choosing healthier options and that, of course, means not eating entire sleeves of skinny cow ice cream sandwiches...obviously.

My problem is that I like to eat. I like to eat more than I like to exercise, work, talk to people, do my taxes, watch reality television and fold my clothes. It's kind of a huge problem.

In an effort to stay focused, gain perspective on progress and of course to humiliate myself in an effort to vanquish all distorted body image issues, I took "before pics". My diets have always been so such spontaneous, erratic and short lived failures that I have never bothered with before pics. As a result I have jaded perspective on "fit Nicole", "fat Nicole" and "neutral Nicole" my alter egos. I really just have a problem (please see previous paragraph and 206 previous posts for subtle reminder of Nicole's problem). Please secure your harpoons...

Side: Belly making my ass look flat in comparison

Front: What are you smiling at?! What?!



Ann said...

Nice Asssss... meeeoww!

jonathan said...

Look loser, you are hot at 140 or 160. Pic 3 is my favorite:)Looking forward to seeing that in a few days.

jennyonthespot said...

I - am a HUGE fan of food. It started when I was 8.

I think you look great- did I just go too far? Let me put it this way... IF I had taken "before" pictures as I tracked my weightloss... Oh, I didin't. And eventhough I am so close I'd be OK if I didn't lose anymore, I still would NEVER show my belly. It's scandalously awful...

But you... you rock!

Nic said...

hey Jenny. I am sure your belly is no where near scandalously awful. It;s never too late for before and after pics!! :)

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