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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friends and Family Intervention

55 gallons of tropical fish tank contents dumped out onto my floor.

What to tell the gentlemen friend about losing his fish (to the floor)?!

Fool's Proof

The fish. Weren't they with you?

El Nino
There was this sudden flash tornado. Sucked up the fish.
It was a flood. Took everything.

It wasn't me, it was...
...your crappy water pump rig.
...a burglar. Only after fish. It's actually quite common.

The Fish are off to...
... fish boarding school.
... to pursue t.b research.
...hang out with your dad.
...heaven, with the angels and your knife fish.
...be eaten by bigger fish

Catholic Martyr...

This is punishment for something terrible you did.

I kind of wish I were better at puns.


jonathan said...

I can't believe I am laughing about the destruction of my home and loss of my fish. Yes these fish may be unfortunate casualties in my war based on lies...I'm coming home soon, I promise 1 fishtank when I leave again next year...So so sorry for the swamp,Love,

Raden said...

Alright, I can stand it no more. The stories, the deceptions. I'm coming forward to tell the true story of what happened to the fish. The blogger of fat blog was so inspired by the rescue Columbian hostages that she could take it no more. Watching those poor fish beg to be sent back to their natural habitat. She did what any person of conscience would do, she released them. They now swim free. And I dare anyone to criticize this woman of impeccable character and strong moral fiber. I salute thee fat blogger. You make us all proud.

Raden said...

Amendment to my original comment, which should read : inspired by the rescue OF THE Columbian hostages. Damn this dyslexia.

Nic said...

No tank could keep them... they were so determined to be returned to the wild.

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