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Monday, August 4, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 217

Whenever I am going through a time when I am ragingly ineffective, I think back to the last time I did something right. Dietwise... that would put me back to God knows when. It was a week where I took the time on Sunday to plan out my meals for the entire week and go grocery shopping to secure all ingredients needed to make said meals.

So that is what I did yesterday. I am swearing off high fructose corn syrup. HFCS may be the food industry's not-so-secret ploy to make the entire world obese, hungry morons... on account of the fact that our bodies don't really know how to digest it like real sugar. Also, Trans fat is out my life. I don't quite know why fats are bad as trannies... they always seem sweet enough with their cute shoes and great hair, but alas, if I am to look even as hot as a male impersonating Shakira then I need results!

I will be abs-rrific by the end of... next summer.

1 comment:

Jody said...

Go Nicole Go!!!
I'm behind ya a 110%!
I too have tried to swear off of HFCS & Trannies (but I LOVE MY GAYS)...:)
Thanks for stopping by today!

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