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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 234

The Diet Saboteur of the Week is...

It seems that whenever Tuesday rolls around eat-a-palooza happens. I don't know what is special about Tuesday; maybe because it's the "actual" start of the work week and the realization that you have all this stuff to do throughout the week throws you into the lap of your local McDonalds. By Tuesday, Monday lethargy has worn off and you are expected to be productive... apparently that means you get stuff done. I certainly got some fries and chicken nuggets done while I was being blown off by my 2:00 appointment... who didn't even bother to call to cancel. They just left me at the local Mc Donalds, alone with my boredom and hunger.

Back-on-the-program-Thursday will save me... it better, weigh in is still on Saturday.

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jonathan said...

McDonald's is gross. I can't understand the attraction. I'm cooking tonight get ready for Romanian beef with squash:)

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