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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nicole on Salads

Very similar to the "brain on drugs" ads of my childhood. Nicoles fry and shrivel in the frying pan when trying to operate on a 300 calorie or less salad.

I just can't do mixed greens alone. I was starving by mid afternoon. Soup for lunch does a fine job of catapulting me through the diet danger zone (for me that is the time frames between 3-5:00 and 8-10:00 pm); salad for lunch kinda dumps me in the danger zone, rubs my face in the dirt and runs off laughing. It's diet sabotage.

Don't get me wrong, salad is great when accompanies by shrimp/almonds or feta/chicken or SOMETHING other than greens and veggies. Big fan of gorgonzola/apples/pears too... I digress.
I've been doing a satisfactory job of not over doing breads; not crazy about croƻtons.

Ideal lunches can be eaten while talking on the cell phone and shifting my automatic transmission. I think we're going to have to stick to wraps, smoothies and sandwiches. Salads do not an ideal lunch make.

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