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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 253

My body image issues may be getting a little out of hand.

To remedy this, I went to the gym tonight. Tuesday and Thursdays are my late-house visit nights so there is no hope of making it down to Hamden for clase de martial arts. Instead, I have committed to try to do my very best to hope to possibly make it to the gym instead. Fortuitously, Bally Total Fitness has a late night yoga class on Tuesdays ::and there was great celebration::

Just to be clear, I suck at yoga. Luckily, the instructor took pity on a room full of beginners and the poses were not impossible. I hope that yoga will be a helpful supplement to my martial arts training as it will challenge areas that I always need improvement in 1. balance 2. flexbility 3. strength... in order of my personal priority. :: and there was much celebration ::

I also ate like a cow today. ::and there was much celebration::

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jonathan said...

Hello Dear, Ballys sent me an email saying that from 5-8 this Thursday you can learn to dance like a Pussy Cat Doll...Perhaps this would be more fun than Yoga?:)

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