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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 285

So, due to excessive feeding and lack luster effort to exercise, I'm a fatty again. My body can pack on and peel off ten pounds like no joke... good thing when peeling off, not a good thing when packing on.

On the weight watchers diet, the plan sets the first goal at 10% of your current body weight. My low standards of discipline and self control has inspired me to readjust my expectations, yet again. I am shooting for a meager 15 pounds of weight loss.

Historic Look into Nicole's Epic Weight Fluctuations
High School (fresh): 145, 5'2
High School (soph): 145, 5'4
High School (jr): Adopts Vegetarianism 150, 5'4
High School (sr): Begins to abuse carbs 175, 5'4

College Year 1: Unable to kick carb addiction 175
College Year 2: Holy fuck! 195
College Year 3: Ve-ganism delivers me back to 155
College Year 4: Forgoes Ve-ganism to adopt free-ganism (the consumption of all that is free) 165

Year 1 Real World: Depression and Unemployment brings me down to 140
Year 2 Real World: Employment brings groceries, 150
Year 3 Real World: Employment brings stress, 160
Year 4 Real World: Riding weight fluctuation waves 153-161

Today's Menu:
B: Organic Granola 190 cal
F1 Peach Yogurt 80 cal
E: 60 min taekwondo
S: Lite DD iced latte 80 cal
L: Turkey Saus and Spin
DD Egg white flat bread 280 cal
S: F1 Choc + Oat Bar 140 cal
D: Quorn Chix Patty (2) 300 cal
Bread (2) 200 cal
Laughing Cow light swiss (2) 70 cal
Total: 1340
Goal: 1500

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