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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 287

::enters diet confessional:: I ate two additional portions of my shrimp and chicken Quinoa after I blogged last night. My penance is to eat less today.

I came in way under calories today to make up for going way over calories yesterday. Mondays are good days. I can usually adjust my schedule so that it is the one day where I begin and end with martial arts class. My hip and lower back are killing me.

Off to bed... where there is nothing for me to gorge on, blowing my diet in the late pm of my day.

B: F1 Caramel Delight Cereal 180 cal
F1 strawb yogurt 80 cal
E: 30 minutes taekwondo
S: peach 40 cal
L: Chicken Corn Chowder 300 cal
Apple 80 cal
S: F1 choc + oat bar 140 cal
E: 90 min taekwondo
D: Polenta and Creamy Mushroom Lasagna 350 cal
Total: 1220 cal
Goal: 1500 cal

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