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Monday, October 20, 2008

fat blog day 294

I got all dolled up on Saturday. This is a big deal for me; I rarely wear make up, dresses or brush my hair. I seriously yammered all day about how hot I looked.... to anyone who would listen. Now I'm writing about how hot I, and all of my friends, looked on Saturday.

It was a great time at a fundraiser set up to benefit students who want a degree in "sciencey" fields. The scholarship was set up in memory of my friend's sister who passed away suddenly and tragically three years ago. Her students were robbed of a generous and charismatic teacher, so we do what we can to make sure that Christine continues to make her mark in their lives.

Today's menu:

B: Cinnamon F1 pop tarts 380 cal
E: 30 min boxing/taekwondo -200 cal
S: F1 pb bar 150 cal
L: Beef and Barley Soup 150 cal
Tuna Sandwich 225 cal
S: Jello sugar free pudding 70 cal
D: (3) light hot dogs 270 cal
Bread 150 cal
mustard/ketchup 30 cal
Total: 1426 cal
Goal: 1500 cal


TankGirl said...

Yeah.... you do look pretty hot. You suck and I hate you a little :o) How is everyone?

Nic said...

Fantastic, especially now that we have ourselves a new president

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