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Monday, December 1, 2008

Fat Blog-Day 336

As my year anniversary of my most recent round of cyberspace-commitment to healthy lifestyle implementation or it's street name, Fat Blog, as it is known I have re-learned something important about myself.

My fat ass can't stick with anything except being a fat ass. I am almost back at my starting weight, save several little pounds and I'm miserable in my clothes. I have banned the purchase of larger sized clothing. I figure squeezing into and looking terrible in my size 10s will be excellent incentive to get on the program and get back in my size 8s. I have no excuses: I have no kids, my thyroid is fine and am perfectly able bodied to exercise. Stupid lack of excuses....

Anyways, let's keep it together and show these holidays whose belly is not getting any bigger... this guy's belly, that's whose.

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