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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 348

I cut my hair! Well actually, the cute-sy chick at a local New Haven salon cut my hair but I really like it. I may go shorter, we'll see what my hair does on its own for the next couple of days. The ultimate goal is a hair cut that will maintain itself without having to shave my head.

To celebrate my new haircut and indoor bronzed skin, thank you jergens for medium toned skin, I bought new clothes. They will not fit me in 4 months because I will either be bigger or smaller than I currently am. That can be counted upon.

Today, like yesterday, was not a complete failure. One day at a time folks...

Bfast: Maple Oatmeal 160 cal
Snack: clementine, apple 100 cal
**Taekwondo 60 min + 500 cal**
Lunch: (2) egg 160 cal
3.5 oz. Grilled Chicken 250 cal
Snack: Nutrisystem Choc Crunch Bar 140 cal
Saturday is ethnic Indian cuisine day
Mattar Paneer approx 400 cal
Masala tea approx 10 cal
pappad approx 100 cal
basmati rice approx 200 cal
lentil Soup approx 200 cal
yummy lentil/peas appetizer thingie approx 175 cal
Snack: weight watcher caramel chocolate bar approx 75 cal

Total: approx 1970 cal

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