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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fat Blog- Day 349

::closes eyes, sways and hums::

I spent the day shopping. Usually, when i am out for leisure the entire day, I eat like a cow. Not this day!

Bfast: Egg Beaters 75 cal
Soy-rizo 120 cal
Mex Cheese 80 cal
Corn Tortilla 110 cal
Coffee 0 cal
Lunch: slice shrimp scampi pizza 315 cal
(2) slice Asiago, tomato, basil pizza 620 cal
diet birch soda 7 cal
Dinner: Crumb Cake 500 cal
Chocolate Coffee 5 cal
Outlet Shopping walking +200 cal
Trying on clothes +50 cal
Approx 1900 calories

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