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Friday, January 2, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 368

I thought about exercising today but then just didn't. Instead I focused on limiting carb-y snacks (big sugary cereal and chocolate granola bar fan). My goal for calories on sedentary days is 1500.

::wipes zero sweat from un-exercised brow::

I just made it.

Today was my first day back to work after a much needed sabbatical in small-town New England. I feel recharged; I may need to take a couple of days in March to stay rested. Nicoles require a fair amount of time off to nurture their souls. It's chapter 5 in The Care and Maintenance of Your Nicoles: A User's Guide. There are no words in this manual, cuz Nicoles don't read, but there are lots of pictures of Nicoles doing stuff they like to do.

Monday, hopefully, will be my first day back to taekwondo after almost two weeks off. Ouch, my hip flexors are squealing in protest at the mere thought of stretching. No, seriously, they are aching from lack of use.

I did zero planning for my menu this week. Enjoy my erratic and deliberately boring life choices. Stupid gentleman friend brought home chinese pork dumplings... Nicoles love pork dumplings (Chapter 7). Pork dumplings do not love Nicoles and tend to cling loosely to their mid-sections, making a very un-Shakira-like silouette.

BFAST: Mexican soy-rizo scramble: 320 cal (4P)
LUNCH: Whole wheat turkey wrap w/fresh spinach 350 cal (V+2P+C)
Snack: Banana (V) 105 cal
DINNER: 3/4 cup edamame 120 cal, pan fried vegetable gyoza and 2 pork dumplings 600 cal (3P+2C+2V)

1495 calories

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