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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 370

It's flippin' cold outside!!!  Excellent.

I have five times my body weight in clean laundry on the floor of my bedroom in various stages of becoming unclean again.

 Instead of obediently folding, sorting and putting them away I am scouring this website. It's a great tool for planning meals out and putting together a shopping list.

Does any one have a suggestion for an effective/contagious workout video/dvd that won't end up gathering dust in the corner with all forty seven of my other workout videos?

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Deborah said...

Don't know if you can handle him (some people can't) or not or if you have already tried but I'm using Richard Simmons "Sweatin' to the Oldies" right now and it seems to be the only one I've tried that I'm sticking to. I got volumns one and two and haven't tried two yet but will start it next week. I like the way you can choose which song (workout) you want and design it to fit your needs.

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