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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 371 + 372

Today I tried artichoke hearts and, it is now official, I hate artichoke hearts. Weight Watchers deems artichokes a super food, being a veggie and all... if by super they mean super-icky, they got it correct. OK, done being immature. I gave artichoke hearts a good faith effort. The rest of the recipe was good (being shrimp, pesto and pasta; 3 of Nicole's favorite things).

I will post the menu for yesterday, today and I will list the cookbooks I am working out of. Nicoles are picky little eaters; if the world were perfect, Nicoles would live off of macaroni + cheese and BBQ potato chips. However, since Nicoles don't have the metabolism of Michael Phelps... who apparent eats 12,000 calories per day... she buys cookbooks that have mac and cheese de-evolving into spinach. Actually, some of the variations on "comfort foods" are actually really good.

Anyways, this week I am working out of 3 cookbooks. Half.com Will most likely list them for those of you who collect cookbooks.... for those of you who violate copyright laws, email me and I will scold you and talk you out of soliciting me for recipes that you should pay corporations for when you can just ask me for the recipe. Then I will scold you are pirating music and buying bootleg DVDs because they are taking money out of the pockets of deserving millionaires.

To be clear, I can't cook. I suck at it. I like simple, quick recipes that often only require one pot, and very little of me. The only thing I hate, more than awkwardly eeking out a recipe, is doing a sinkful of dishes. Other things that take me out of the running for next iron chef, is that my kitchen lacks counter space and I am always lazily lacking ingredients. Cookbook recipes are *starred and bolded, indicating that I did not just heap these ingredients in a pile and shovel them into my face.

Day 371
High Fiber Maple Oatmeal w blueberries and tsp skim ricotta 275 cal
strawb light activia 70 cal
colby jack cheese wedge w/2 wheat crackers 150 cal
skim mozz string cheese 80 cal
Spinach, Apples, walnuts and feta salad w/grilled chicken 490 cal
cherries 90 cal
*Parmesan and Basil Biscuits (Weight Watcher 20 Minute Cookbook) 300 cal
*Rockin' Shrimp and Asparagus Soup (Hungry Girl Cookbook) 250 cal

Day 372
*Ginormous Cereal Bowlnanza (Hungry Girl Cookbook) 425 cal
1/2 sesame cookie 45 cal
McD Quarter Pounder no cheese (I know... shoot me, I was in a rush) 410 cal
*Shrimp, artichoke hearts w/mint pesto (Weight Watchers: Super Foods Cookbook) 500 cal
UTZ BBQ baked chips 120 cal


Deborah said...

I actually chuckled on the artichoke episode. I can't imagine eating them on a diet. They ARE pretty good if dipped in a gallon of butter.

Thanks for the tips on the cookbooks. I may just be checking out the Hungry Girl one, since I do have a copy of it.

jonathan said...

I have to disagree dear, the artichoke hearts tasted pretty good. and as a pesto-hater, I kinda liked that recipe... On copyright laws, can one really ever "own" a recipe anyway:)

biz319 said...

Hey, just found your blog - looking forward to checking it out!

WW also likes you think that pureed cauliflower tastes just like mashed potatoes - um NO!

Charlie from Back to the Fridge is my brother!

Nic said...

Deb, I use the Hungry Girl book a lot I will start noting the recipes I use.

I am not changing my position on the artichoke hearts.

Hey Charlie's brother! Nice to meet you. Ruby Tuesday dressed cauliflower up in a good mashed potato disguise but it was SMOTHERED in butter.

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