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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 373

I hate the gynecologist. I have nothing against my gynecologist, as a person, I am sure she's very nice when she's not inflicting me with discomfort. The conversations are always awkward. Apparently, my uterus is tiny, the way it's supposed to be. Well, thank you Dr. Kootch; that's nice of you to say. I'm baby-free right? That's great news.

However, my gynecological weigh in (fully clothed) disclosed an 8 pound weight loss since December 31. That makes sense, Dec 31 is about when I stopped eating like a 500 pound man.

*Ginormous Cereal Bowlnanza w/blueberries (Hungry Girl Cookbook) 500 cal
Italian Wedding Soup 280 cal
Rockin' Shrimp and Asparagus Soup 200 Cal
Grilled Lavash w/grilled chick, turkey bacon, spin cheese 460 cal
Chinese hot and spicy Cabbage 100 cal
Fat Free choc frozen yogurt w/blueberries 145 cal

60 minutes taekwondo

1685 cal.

1 comment:

Deborah said...

Great weight loss!!! Yea, not eating like a 500 pound man will do the trick every time.

I hate the gyno exams too!!! shudder

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