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Friday, January 9, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 374 + 375

Nicole took a salsa and tango lesson last night. Dancing has always been a bit of a mystery to me. It's not "technically" speaking much different from learning a martial art, other than the ass kicking element. Although I can be taught martial arts techniques and patterns that I can then perform, confidently, with a group, partner or on my own... I can not dance with a partner. Left to my own choreography, I generally dance like a Harlem stripper or am a flailing danger to all around me (love the mosh pitt). Neither is appropriate in mixed company...

I blame this on my short line of gentlemen friends' aversion to dance. I have never dated anyone who was excited about the idea of shaking their ass. I've been robbed of my dancing experience! In fact, my intimate men friends have all been avid home-bodies. In many ways I have to drag them clawing and spitting into the sunlight, like vampire cats, let alone to go dance. The idea wouldn't even cross my mind to try and do so; it's so far from the reality of the short list of activities they have been willing to participate in.

I also don't see very many late nights which is unfortunate because my work schedule really only allows late night socializing. The Cons are that it makes for a miserable early morning. I can't even tolerate to imagine what a lack-luster grievance meeting would look like hung-over or exhausted from a night of ass-shakin'. The Pros are that it seems really fun and social. Nicoles are social creatures. Another Pro, increases calories burned; that means more food!

I was confronted with a meal out that I did not plan for. We hit the East Street Grille in Northampton, Mass. The food was tasty but I went slightly over my goal. I had to approximate the calories and portions. I'll need a better plan for next time. Especially because it's hard to break a sweat when learning where to put your feet

Day 374

*Ginormous Cereal Bowlnanza (HG) 410 cal
Whole wheat pasta w/vegan meat sauce 220 cal
(2) F1 choc oat bar 280 cal
1/2 cup lobster chowder 203 cal
2 onion rings 70 cal
2 shrimp 30 cal
1/2 cup calamari 400 cal
2 tbs art/spin dip 100 cal
1.5 oz. Sweet potato chips 200 cal

Salsa and tango!

Day 375

Flax pita, grilled chicken, colby jack and black bean salsa 275 cal
clementine 35 cal
apple 65 cal
Inari Sushi 425 cal
Luna peanut butter cookie bar 180 cal
string cheese 80 cal
4 slice turkey bacon 140 cal
Grilled Chicken Parm w/whole wheat spag alfredo. 400 cal

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