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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 376

An Ann Taylor Loft Outlet opened in Westbrook. I could have made many better choices today; but there will be great celebration.

For, I have again embarked on one of the infamous Nicole-Closet-Purge-A-Paloozas; the celebration usually involves donating all clothing that has gone unworn in the past six months (not including out of season clothes; they're hibernating under the bed with my flip flops). This mass clothing exodus ritual makes room for new-to-me second hand clothing. Despite my many go-green failures, my clothing is 90% second hand and I recycle them as I acquire more. My closet, the Goodwill and the trunk of my car are stops in the always revolving doors of Nicole's wardrobe. The life cycle of a Nicole-Garment is short...very short.

Nicoles are very fickle creatures. We like variety. They also don't stay the same size for very long.

1 cup fat free milk 130 cal
F1 caramel delight cereal 450 cal
(2) slice pizza; cheese and chicken pizza 1050 cal (crap!)
1 oz. crumb cake 100 cal


Deborah said...

Oh, no, the pizza was crap and you had two slices? Sounds like me and the chips that I didn't enjoy but ate anyway. What are we going to do with ourselves?

I've been recycling clothes too. There isn't a goodwill or the likes any where near me but when I'm near one I pick up a few goodies. I send all my "BIG" clothes with friends of mine when they come to visit. They share with friends and their church. Lately I've been catching a few things on sale at Cato's. I've only bought enough to squeak by for the winter because I'm bound and determined to be smaller next winter. Then I may go hog wild on a new wardrobe :o) One thing for sure is there will be a coat purchase in the works for next winter. The only one I have now that fits isn't warm enough and I REFUSE to buy one this winter.

jonathan said...

Dear, you forgot to mention the many calories you burned during your white-knuckle 35 MPH drive on the highway through a snowstorm to get home--Surely that burned some extra calories:)

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