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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 378

I splurged on some BBQ chips today. In retrospect, I probably could have used the 300 calories now, as I crave a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Last year about this time, I likened this video to a Sunday Pasta night with my family. My mother's meatballs being the large sumo man and my healthy lifestyle being the scrawny polish kid. This video still makes me giggle and want meatballs.

Banana walnut bread (washed down with a fistful of m&m's) 350 cal
Turkey wrap w/provolone, lettuce, tomato 500 cal
Kettle Cooked Chips 300 cal
Grilled Chicken w/mexican cheese and salsa 215 cal
Tomato, corn, asparagus, potato homemade salsa 150 cal
Corn tortilla quesadilla 220 cal

60 minutes taekwondo +450 cal

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Deborah said...

I'm on dial up and can't watch the video (unless I want to set here for over 2 hours for it to download) but the analogy and the beginning pic of the video sort of tells the story. Thanks for the giggles.

BBQ potato chips, sigh. Glad I don't have any in the house!

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