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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 380

Wednesday is a tougher day to have an a.m private taekwondo lesson than I originally imagined. I had historically scheduled my lesson first thing Monday morning; but my work schedule changed and since Nicoles have not mastered the evolutionary skill of being able to be physically present in two places at once, I go to work on Mondays. Originally I thought Monday mornings would be a miserable time; it's the start of the work week, who likes Mondays? Wednesday would be so much better because I'm all warmed up, it's mid-week and my brain has been focused for two whole days, right? Wrong. Very Wrong.

Turns out my brain fizzles after two days of work. I never noticed how clumsy and distracted I get mid-week until I attempted martial arts first thing in the morning on a below freezing winter day after two days of work-week-related pummeling. I felt wicked lazy and kept making mistakes. I just couldn't snap out of it. Well, goal for next Wednesday: be less incompetent; shame my instructor and art less. Is it spring yet?

My day was almost veggie-less... just how I like them.

Kashi maple oatmeal 160 cal
pistachios 180 cal
1 slice colby jack and 1 slice mozz 160 cal
PB, Apple jelly and fluff on wheat 430 cal (yikes, should have tallyed all those things up before eating it; so not worth it)
Chicken and Barley Stew 160 cal
BBQ chips 280 cal
Formula 50 vitamin water 125 cal
Grilled Chicken 160 cal
1 cup cheddar broccoli pasta 350 cal

subtotal 2005 cal
90 min taekwondo +500 cal


Deborah said...

Now you've had a revelation. That's why we call Wednesday "hump day", it's hard to get over the hump :o) Sure hope next week is better since you realize what the problem is.

jonathan said...

Hey dear, I snuck a bunch of frozen broccoli into the pasta I made--you got a few vegetables:)

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