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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 388

Apparently, I can salsa. Dancing had a great potential to be awkward and socially overwhelming. Usually, it took a great effort and lots of reassuring smiles to convince people that I'm having a good time. However, I have found the formula to make dancing fun... it is very mathematical, try to follow along...

1 glass of wine plus pretty dress minus loud drunk strangers plus Obama Inaugural Ball plus friends divided by at least two patient, talented dancers to lead less competent dancers through salsa

Thus ends my mathematical analysis of the night Nicole broke out into salsa. When I first walked into the room it reminded me more of a mosh pitt than a dance floor with salsa partners. The local dance schools had sent students to demonstrate. Seriously it was like full contact football-salsa, complete with tackling and costumes. My initial reaction was no way... no way in hell will I be dancing out there with my four inch heels that had started hurting my feet 8 hours prior. Alas, I did. Alas, it was fun and I will most likely do it again.

This all took place Tuesday night at the Omni Hotel in New Haven. There was a Barack Inaugural Ball Benefit, complete with live salsa bands and a chocolate fountain. The mood was light and excited, as if 8 years of our president talking and lying to us like we're toddlers had finally come to an end.

Yesterday was my first day on the wagon after a particularly stressful workweek knocked me off for about a week. One week, one glorious week of bbq potato chips, huge portions and trips to my mother's house for food that makes me gain weight by merely existing. Here is yesterday's menu... I must have gained like three pounds. I would know what I gained if I'd been brave enough to weigh myself.

1 Egg (2) whites, spinach, tomatoes, mozz and basil 200 cal
activia 70 cal
turkey, onion grilled chicken salad 250 cal
BBQ baked chips 110 cal
cherries 100 cal
Grilled Chicken, tomatoes, mushroom, spinach, turnip greens and fried potatoes 550 cal


jonathan said...

Count your small victories. Security did not have to pull out of the chocolate fountain... or did you leave that part out?:)

Nicole said...

I was a bit too shy to hold my mouth under the chocolate fountain stream. So I daintily settled for a chocolate covered piece of melon...smart ass.

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