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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 389

My skin looks AWFUL! Due to slowly developed fear of skin cancer, I have been staying out of tanning beds, away from UV rays and wearing sunblock in the house. As a result my skin, over the past few months, has returned to it's curiously olive complected, natural paleness. Exposed on my vampiress-like skin is every spot, line, bump, chicken pox scar, under-eye darkness and imperfection that I have collected over the years. I may have to brave the melanoma after all.

I am having a hard time finding healthy food on the road. I want to stay out of chain restaurants and support local business but all I seem to find is chinese food (say no to sodium), pizza (say no to fatty meats, cheese and carbs) and delis (I'm trying to say no to more than one or two servings of bread per day). Besides, all of the above listed things, that I am avoiding, are cheap, delicious and plentiful. God Bless America. I broke down and had a tuna sub. The Italian proprietor told me I'm too skinny. I had to buy something.

light dannon strawberry shortcake yogurt 110 cal
ricotta w/raspberries 170 cal
coffee 0 cal
Tuna sub 600 cal (owwwwww-uuuuch)
diet soda 0 cal
Grilled chicken, turnip greens, musrooms and tomatoes 200 cal
green tea 0 cal
baked BBQ chips 90 cal
(1) sirloin beef, mushroom and tomato skewer 250 cal
F1 bar 140 cal

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Deborah said...

Ya gotta love Italians :o)

I have the same eating out problems in my small community. At least I'm not on the road and don't have to go to them very often. I just save some calories when I have company that wants to go out to eat.

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