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Friday, January 23, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 390

I've discovered treat-flavored yogurt. The Dannon Light series has some yummy ones, i.e.: boston creme pie, white chocolate covered cherries and strawberry shortcake. In my defeat, they make for a yummy meal accompaniment and/or light snack. This represents growth and compromise for me, because I always snickered and danced the mocking dance, in my head, at people who ate yogurt at any other time but breakfast. Always viewed yogurt as bad medicine, the bane of the professional dieter or the poor excuse for ice cream/custard. Just as I viewed jello as being the "fat-friend" of pudding. It just sat in the fridge, alone and ignored by a fatter Nicole. Anyways, I've eaten more yogurt in the past few weeks than ever.

1/2 cantaloupe 135 cal
coffee 0 cal
low carb whole grain wrap with turkey, light swiss, mustard and spinach 210 cal
weight watcher boston creme pie yogurt 100 cal
Chili's boneless chili wings 1000 cal (poor planning... again!)
Taekwondo +300
Beef, broccoli, mushrooms and tofu stir fry 300 cal

Not terrible...


Deborah said...

I love yogurt but forget to buy it. I did this week and am enjoying it as a snack.

Diane said...

Yogurt has become a staple for me, especially with the dessert flavored ones. My new favorite is Yoplait Light. Try the Apple Turnover and Strawberry Shortcake. Yum.
I also like Weight Watcher's Cherry Cheesecake.
And for a high-fiber treat: light vanilla yogurt (I use WW or Dannon Light for the 8 oz. size), 1 cup of sliced strawberries and half a cup of fiber one cereal (the one that looks like rabbit food). Only 2 points on WW. And creamy crunchy delicious!

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