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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 430

I have returned from several weeks of grazing in the field of I don't give a f%^$ or, to be fair, I was kind of lost there. It's been a dark start to the year.

In January, I was hit all at once with the death of a trusted friend, seasonal depression, an intensified workload, weeks of sinus infections/respiratory infections and of course a five pound gain. I didn't stand a chance.

I made it through. I'm still not 100% again. I am still missing a strong leader, warding off the blues, getting a handle on how to manage my time and energy at work, finishing my antibiotics and have not lost an ounce. However, for the first time yesterday I was able to focus on what I was eating. It was also the first time in the past month or so that I was able to get through a martial arts class without having to leave the floor with breathing problems. It felt good to have the food thing more under control and it was great to finally get some exercise.

I am pretty sure that the calories in the following put me over what would have been a 1500-1800 goal. I am not sure. However, the way I have been eating recently was scary; we're talking double dinners and a box of granola bars for a snack. Totally out of control... I'm glad to be back on the three meals and well chosen snacks plan. I almost caved to a bag of chips at the end of the day... but didn't!


BFAST: banana, light activia, flaxseed
30 min boxing
LUNCH: egg, cheese and tomato wrap, tortilla chips
60 min taekwondo
SNACK: Granola bar
DINNER: whole wheat pasta, chicken, spinach, peanut thai sauce.
DESSERT: Fiber One Bar

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Deborah said...

Glad you're back. The holidays alone are stressful, but you've had a triple whammy. WOW! I'm sure you had your hands full, but sure am happy that you are doing better now and back on plan.

You can do this!!

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