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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 445

I ate like a cow today. I spent a few minutes watching Shakira videos on youtube. She inspired a brief and miserable attempt at starting P90X, the ultimate in self-hatred workouts. The dude that hosts it does not shut up. It's wicked distracting. I can do 10 proper push-ups before tears, I can do 20 "girly" push-ups before my knees start to ache, pull ups are impossible and chin ups needs a stronger word than impossible... seems that, unthinkable might work. They had me doing a dozen different kinds of push ups... diamond push up, military push up, dive bomb push up... WHAT THE HELL DOES ALL OF THAT MEAN!??!?!?

I need to slap some Beyonce into my ipod, drive my car until I run out of gas and force myself to run home.

I just hate to run more than I love to look hot in a bikini. That's my problem; I don't hate myself enough. I'm cute enough for chubby to be ok. I need a beard, or some other incentive to work harder at being hot. Maybe I can stop washing my face and develop an acne problem... or hives, I'll discontinue my allergy meds and spend the night with my three cats.

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jonathan said...

ooh dive bomb push-ups are the worst...you have my sympathy, I hate them.

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