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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 447

Finally, I have an entire weekend off. I spent the morning exercising and the afternoon grocery shopping and the evening will find me purging my closet... again. My evening should be spent having my car's brake fluid changed, tired rotated and filters replaced... I'll save that for some late evening this week when I am exhausted and miserable.

Today, I have made good food choices. I found a delicious hummus: artichoke and spinach. It makes a good celery dip and an even better wheatables dip. I am not pleased with where my weight is at; it's not at its worst but I feel larger than I have ever been. It must be slightly due to the economic misery all around me. Puts you in a fat state of mind...

I am back to logging my food on calorie counter. It's easier than typing it all out and it forces me to use my blog to purge my day's bile and venom into a more relate-able frustration with trying to be healthy in our sick, sad and morbidly obese country. Obama should have some ideas for a lunch menu that's not going to cost me a lot of money and can sit in my car, safely, for several hours. Maybe it's in the stimulus.

The government decided that I paid six dollars too many in taxes last year. I received my "stimulus" check the other day. I stood blinking at it for a moment before laughing out loud and eventually stuffing my face with $5.49 worth of ice cream. I'm still ahead of the game... thank's Uncle Sam.

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