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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 475

My gentleman friend and I are planning a garden. My father made off with the pretty bushes that used to be planted in the front of our house; he claims they were not doing well in the direct sunlight. I think he just wanted to plant them at his new house. Garden pirate... hijacked the pretty flowery plants.

Anyways, I'm left with two circles of dirt to plant flowers in. I have reservoir rocks, leftover from a never fully executed natural river rock themed fish tank... a joint venture of my brother and gentleman friend. I have a lot of junk in the basement that may make nice recycled, garden deco. I'm excited about spending every Sunday morning until the next frost digging in the dirt. It's official... I'm old.

I hear gardening burns calories. Most manual labor does...

I bought different sorts/heights/colors of sunflowers and various perennials that can survive in direct sunlight, street smog and with the occasional car running over them. Let's see how it goes...


sian said...

Yes, of course gardening burns calories-I read that even sleeping you will burn approx 70 calories per hour-heck, I even fidget as much as possible too-love your blog-came here from does this blog make us look fat !

sian said...

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