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Monday, May 4, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 491

Larry King is a huge fan of The View. Barbara Walters just called Sherri Sheperd cuddly. TV rots my brain... keeps me fat.

I went to the gym on Sunday and was mauled by a sharp metal piece on the ab machine. This reinforces my fear that the gym is bad for me. It causes me pain and is hazardous to my health. I had planned to get up early today and do my pilates video; instead I slept fifteen minutes too long and left my house without my stamps. This was particularly frustrating because I had to mail a letter. The gym ruined my week... so far.

Master Plan = move more, eat less, don't stress, don't get any older and, er... move more.

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Deborah said...

Now, if you can figure out how to not get older, please to share. I want to do that too!!

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