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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 519

Week 2 of "Project Vegan" has begun well. A Saturday event left me with a restaurant tray full of cut veggies and delicious hummus to take home. I have been singing the I love hummus song for the past several months. It's strange cuz I was never a fan.

I have been trying to think back to college and what I ate during the year that I was vegan. I think it may have been a lot of ethnic take out and these really yummy breakfast sandwiches that I dreamed up: Potatoes and mushrooms on a bagel . They made yummy breakfasts in the winter but had zero nutritional value. They clocked in at about 1000 calories per carb-ilicious delight... I would eat two. Yikes.

Today's menu:

Banana 105 cal
Peach 35 cal
Broccoli, carrots and hummus 180 cal
Fiber one multigrain bread with spinach and red pepper hummus 350 cal
sugar snap peas 35 cal
peach 35 cal
cocoa covered almonds 300 cal
caramel rice cake 45 cal
Eice and Bean burrito 300 cal
Dal 200 cal
bread 240 cal
cookies 270 cal
Cardio +450


Deborah said...

Doing great!! So glad you are enjoying the new foods.

Rory Star said...

Well done on Project Vegan! Sounds like you are progressing well. Now I'm craving burritos *drool*.

sian said...

You are doing great! I don't think I could do it-need lots and lots of protein for me-love your site

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