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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fat Blog - Day 542

I feel fantastic. I'm under 160 lbs for the first time this year and I am stuffing my face! Losing dairy and meat has been my favorite life choice (2nd only to deciding to go back to school) in the past five years. I am very sore... we're talkin' ankle pain and back pain... but I am really glad to be doing what I am doing. Anyways, I cleaned my house today. I find that very consuming, not to mention gross, so I generally eat very little when I do it. I use food as incentive. C'mon Nicole, finish scrubbing that pot because I will not feed you until you do it.

Breakfast: blueberries, rice and wheat puffs and light vanilla soymilk 215 cal
Lunch: whole wheat pasta and vegan "meatsauce" 250 cal
Snack: cocoa covered almonds, blueberries 250 cal
Taekwondo +500 cal
Dinner: Dal Palak, cran-grape juice and vegetable biryani 600 cal
Dessert: chocolate chocolate chip vita muffin with chocolate hazelnut soy cream. 250 cal

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