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Friday, July 24, 2009

Fat Blog- Day 572

I've been slacking blogger-ifically.

A little over one month ago I made the decision to leave my job with my Union. I had decided that I needed more joy in my life and that organizing was not providing that joy. There were times of pride and excitement for me in the work, however the great majority of time was stressful and exhausting. Cancer robbed us of a solid mentor and leader; I felt her absence in a very genuine and painful way. After her death, I never re-connected with the fight and have never felt such a grand sense of loss.

Since leaving the Union, I have not one time regretted it. Strong people around me helped me come to the right decision for my life in an personal, professional and respectful way. With the maturity I developed through the work; I have been fulfilled by every minute of my life since my departure. My greatest fear was, that by leaving the Union, my life would have no greater meaning and that I would have nothing to contribute to our world in any sort of constructive way. My greatest fear, as usual, was wrong.

I have found more rewards and have been more drawn to assisting with martial arts instruction, at the school where I am a student. I have been investing more time in my own health and training. I'm reading, gardening and thinking carefully and thoughtfully about my next steps. The next year of my life will include U.S travel, writing and catching up with myself and my family/friends.

I've also hopped back in to the restaurant saddle. I am working at a fantastic, local breakfast joint. The owner, staff and patrons are a welcome breath of decent, hard working folk. My part time gig at a corporate restaurant, that shall not be named, has been a very, very, VERY mixed bag. I finally feel in control of my life, time and energy.

I have fine-tuned my vegan-ism into a very "Nicole" dietary lifestyle. I allow myself eggs and will avoid dairy (although I will not pain myself about traces of milk or dairy in products). I can't stand to turn down hospitality, inconvenience anyone with my food choices or see food wasted therefore I will eat food that will otherwise be thrown away and will eat whatever is prepared for me in people's homes (including my mother's home; no need to burden her with alternative dishes). I've dropped seven pounds and feel fantastic. I'm training regularly and have picked up a weight-lifting routine and yoga.

Nicole is a joyful little critter these days!

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