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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fat Blog- Day 804

I've been writing a lot lately, not much of which I am willing to share. I find that humor is an excellent way to avoid revealing anything substantial and I also find that joking about humor being an excellent way to avoid revealing anything substantial is an effective way to reveal something substantial, more tactfully. Anyways, the struggle continues on the path to betterment...

Anyways, my healing process continues with a rigorous appetite of my heart's major food groups: fun, acceptance and Nutella. I've had some serious moments over the past few months where I was concerned about how I was perceiving my body and how clothing feels on it. There were a few times I felt less than beautiful. I have only vaguely snapped out of it and hope that soon-soon-soon-soon-soon my garden, friends, springtime and fresh, healthy cooking will move me forward.

On Tuesday, I am cookin'. On the menu (all homemade) is whole wheat pita bread, cilantro hummus, Falafel and Quinoa Tabbouleh. I mean, we're talking let the dough rise and blend the flavored hummus, homemade. I am excited to cook, but more excited to share it. It seems a waste to cook gourmet meals for a solitary chick with body image issues who would rather lick Nutella out of the jar anyways.

O... M... G, as I have aforementioned, I have discovered Nutella. I wish I hadn't, but alas, Nutella and I have a thing. I just can't have that filthy whore in the house. It's disgusting, except that it's not disgusting, it's delicious. It is disgusting, how delicious it is. I'm a sick, sick woman. I hate that I love Nutella. I love Nutella so much that I taught my spell checker to spell Nutella... like a legit word.

Seriously, I can't bitch. I lost another eight pounds since the beginning of the year. I am getting a bit off track lately but I will kick the dairy habit because it literally makes me sick. Doesn't stop me from eating it, but it will now, because it's time to get ab definition and get my squishy ass into an unsupported hand stand. I know, that's ego talking... but handstands are soooo hot! I want to do scorpion. I want scorpion like I want Nutella... spread thick on warm toast.

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