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Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 2077

I completed my first recycle-refurbish project.  I hauled a vintage kitchen stool/chair out of the basement.  This is what it looked like when I began:

From this picture, I did what I am inclined to do... take it all apart and abandon it for weeks.  The thing was covered in rust and old vinyl.  I'm new to the Do It Yourself ranks and I have a tendancy to screw everything up and I was unreasonably attached to this free, junky chair.  My guru-of-the-day at the Home Depot, told me that if I was ever unsure of where to go with a project, that I should walk away from it and come back when you have a purpose.  Turns out, she was right.  

So, there is sat, disassembled, in my kitchen recycling bin for a lo-o-ng time.  While it waited I napped, taught Yoga and watched an unreasonable amount of the TV series Supernatural.  The behavior was semi-reclusive and unhealthy and I realized that they were symptoms of depression.  This little epiphany came to me while sitting in my room trying to decide whether to nap or to simply sit there fighting the urge to nap.  I really wanted a nap.  So, I grabbed my keys and headed to the Home Depot instead.  

I bought some supplies and began to clean the metal.  I sanded down the layers of rust and brushed rust remover on it.  Then I turned my attention to the seat and back rest.  When I pulled the vinyl off, it revealed nests of ants in the horsehair cushion.  Joy.

I replaced the horsehair with a 1/2 inch foam cushion and purchased some shiny new vinyl from Joann Fabrics, all while fighting the urge to spend a lot of money on clearance fabric.  For what, I thought to myself, I can't sew.  

Anyways, I washed the metal with mineral spirits and allowed it to dry.  I primed the pieces with spray primer and eventually with a light gray, non metallic, non shiny spray paint.  I stared at the drying pieces for like 10 minutes.  It came out really nice.  

So this process became my in-lieu-of-napping activity and it served it's purpose.  It got my attention and woke me up.  I did a very sloppy job of the annoying reupholstering task, but managed to make it look presentable to the eye.  I also couldn't get one of the back rest screws to stay in... so I glued the little bastard.

The result: 

So, I recycle and upcycle and cycle through free junk and give it new purpose.  It's fun and addictive and a hell of a lot healthier than napping for four hours in the middle of a beautiful summer day.  

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