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Friday, August 16, 2013

More Trash Sorcery

I have thus completed a a long running project involving three junky items that originally belonged to my grandmother and were more recently rejected by my parents.  I salvaged them from the familial trash and envisioned them as outdoor furniture.

Here are some of the befores...

A neat (by neat I mean, interestingly shaped and most importantly, free; the damn thing was rotting and covered in paint) triangle table, hauled from the bowels of my family's attic.

Old window, taken from the side of the road.

In my determination, I forgot the original BEFORE pictures.  I took one about half way through.

I splurged on some brand new fabric to fashion a seat cushion out of:

For my birthday my parents bought and helped me install a sweet yellow hammock.

(Enjoy the teaser for the rocker).

Here it is in it's full solo glory:

The outdoor space came together nicely with free and found (and gifted items).  There is also a sweet charcoal grill off camera that I saved from my neighbors bulk trash offering.

All done.  

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