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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 2092

I have a gym membership.  I did not have a gym membership yesterday and years ago I claimed I would never have one again.  So it goes and I hope I bother to (go).  I have a gym membership.

I was on the swim team in high school.  Back then, the team was on a seven year losing streak.  Today they are all state.  I like to blame my graduation for their recent success.  However, back then, being part of a losing team was exactly where I wanted to be.  No pressure.

My coach would put me in the slow lane.  Every swim team has a slow lane; it's reserved for the out of shape, people who joined the team to woo colleges but can't really swim, the lazy/unmotivated/difficult to impress (my camp) and the injured.  The slow lane exists so that we don't get in the way of the faster swimmers; which on this team weren't actually fast, just faster than us in the slow lane, congratulations to the achievers.

I discovered hip hop dance this year and have been really enjoying the classes at a local East Hartford gym.  I shake my ass and I go home with pulled hip flexors, aching ankles and toes.  I still win.  Anyways, as good as they are, the instructors are always late, which sent me to try out another gym.  Who have I become?

Anyways, during the course of this trial membership, I found myself goggled up in the pool.  Bouncing along in the lane next to me was an elderly Asian man, next to him an obese white, middle aged man and on the other side of me was an Eastern European man in a speedo with a towel tucked between his legs so he could create drag while speeding through his laps using only his arms.  I started lapping and kept missing the flip turn (dive near the wall pivot underwater and push with legs off the wall to head in the opposite direction).  So, I would try again, and again... and again, with up to moderate success.

Anyways, every six or so attempts, I would come up sputtering and catch elderly Asian man watching and smiling.  Charming.  I would smile back.  Towards the end, I came up and he smiled, signaled with his hands a straight line and said, "do it again".  Thanks coach.

Totally turned off by the sanitary hip hop dance program this trial gym was offering, I found myself in a late night dance class, a last stitch effort to see if I could get use of anything besides the pool.  The instructor bounced into the room with this huge, friendly smile, loud and happy voice and proceeded to lead the best dance fitness class I have been to currently.  The instructor was not a petite woman, she was curvy and energetic.  She took up space and I was 100% charmed by her.  As if her personality wasn't enough to woo me, this was our last choreographed song:

So, now, I have a gym membership.

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